Monday, February 15, 2010

Long time .....

Whew ... A long break.. well rather saying a break, I should say a new start. Its been more than 2 years since I posted my last writing, where I started to discuss about Process Maturity (in perspective of Bangladesh Software Industry). And yes, as I said in my 1st post, I’m just trying to share my views and that is all. My experience in software industry is not much but from some point of view some of may agree with me.

When I started writing this blog, I was in Metatude Asia Limited (A familiar name in BD Industry!). And then I switched to Nilavo Technologies Limited, and there I took this long break. But I wish to continue now, hope I will. And I will try to share my learnings from both of these companies, interesting or uninteresting scenarios, while also keeping the focus for Process Maturity.

I remember, I placed a question in my last writing "Why processes are needed to be established in Software Development?" ... yes I remember this. And I will put my answer for this question later and before that lets some expierences :) ..

When I joined in Metatude, I found that it used to a process oriented development house, but in Nilavo, they used to think formal processes only exist in book or not possible in Nilavo. But from that position to Nilavo in today, where an established QA team is working (where they used to know a blackbox tester is enough) and the whole development team maintaining a regular process and boosted successive outputs, yes for sure that was hell of a challanging task. And thanx to my colleagues, my teammates and My Boss (Our CTO). Without their help , co-operation and acceptable attitude it was not possible.

And while sharing experience, I think I should start from Metatude, coz I have found a lot learning areas (both good and bad) and I think those are not too uncommon for those companies those are process oriented for long time. And I think should start my writings about Metatude experience from tomorrow, coz as its getting bigger more its getting painful for readers to read :).

Thank you.

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