Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Process Maturity in perspective of Bangladesh

Well I don’t know whether I have the proper knowledge to write about it or not. I’m just trying to share my views and that is all. My experience in software industry is not much but from some point of view some of may agree with me. I’m trying to focus some point from my R&D and knowledge-base.

To develop software every software development company needs a process. This process may be defined in bookish language or undefined (customized). Thing is that you need at least a process to develop it. Big (and few middle) size companies most follow structured (defined or customized) processes. But what about the other companies (small size and rest of the middle size companies)? And specially when you are talking in perspective of Bangladesh. I guess most of IT people in Bangladesh know about the local software market and what is condition of current IT industry in Bangladesh. Though it is better than it was before but still we are far behind from where we should be.

Small or most middle size companies which still starving for resources (both human and technology) are failing to meet the deadline and a quality delivery most time. Yet they maintain a process – their own process. How much matured their process is? – BIG QUESTION!

Now talking about Big and few middle size companies where structured processes are maintained. It may be few but not rare that some of these companies are also failing to meet deadline for a quality delivery. Less quality product delivered within time – I’m not counting those for these companies. So the process maturity is still a big question for these companies.

Now come to the Process Maturity Framework that we have around us. You can say – Follow CMM (I don’t know any other Maturity Framework exists or not). But then you have to think – how many companies can afford CMM (considering time and resource)? You can’t say all the companies which are not assessed for CMM (or follow CMM) don’t have a matured process to produce a quality product in time.

------------- To be continued …----------------------------