Sunday, November 25, 2007

I have started to write this Blog from my little experience over Software Industries in Bangladesh. I got two comments in my previous post from two experienced people. And I guess they are right from their perspective. Yes you are right when you are saying:

“To me the most important decision for a successful project is to choose right people at right time. Once you have a competent workforce, they should come up with what is best suited for them.”

This is right not only for SW development but also for all kinds of industries. But I don’t know Vaia whether you read the mails about ‘Lack of Quality People in IT Industry’ which was been discussed in SQABD few months ago.

Ok, let’s share some stories that I heard from one of my senior colleague. When he was in his previous company he used to take interviews to recruit new QA persons in that company. One of his most frequently asked question was: Why you want to join in QA? Mostly in reply he got answers like: “I need a job”, “I don’t know (or not good at) programming”, “Well I saw the advertisement and …….”, “It has a better offer (money)”, “Big company”, “Testing is easier than coding” bla bla bla… I guess these do mean something!

Well you can’t ignore these unless you change the view of QA and that must show the difference with Testers. QA’s task only to ensure the Quality of the Product but also to ensure the Quality of the Process (am I wrong?). I don’t know whether you met or not but I did, to whom Process is totally a new thing when they heard Process and even they question me back – ‘what is that?’ But I guess these should be in your considerations whenever you are thinking in perspective of Bangladesh but there should be a certain limit.

Well... well … I was in Process Maturity and now I’m with the recruitment, sorry. But recruitment should also be included in your process, in resource management plan. It should be defined in your process how much of the development gets delayed when you are in shortage of human resource (when someone from the team leaves the company) thus your success rate remains in a consistent state and you are not blamed from your management as they are getting as the process has been defined. And also recruitment time, quality, training these things also – so to get whatever is expected and process doesn’t get blamed and neither you.

Now one more scenario (also heard from my seniors): one big company (in Bangladesh) established a process and it took a long time established the process and hard labor of Process Engineering team. But the first product after the process establishment failed to get the market. This also means something.

Now I have one question (I have my answers but it will be better to have some views from others) – Why processes are needed to be established in Software Development?


aman said...

Hello Imran,
It is really a pleasure to read your blog.

Let me give the opportunity to share my answer to your question. A defined process, both in macro and micro level, at least gives the direction to the next step while standing at any stage of development cycle. It certainly reduces some overhead and may speed up the development with good quality.

Now, again I thinks, it does not posses a much influence on the success of a product in the market. As you said, a company adopting a good process had been failed, the most I can say in this regard, in the absence of that good process, the product would be poorer in quality; don't forget, good quality product may also be failed unless its serves right or market oriented.

Besides, A good process but bad product may indicate the company has some fine(!) managers and but may not have fine developers. Lack of skilled developer, IMHO, can be negotiated with nothing.

Best wishes and best of luck

Mukti joddher itihas said...

@ aman..

I think you are true.